Canine Medium Chicken Adult Maintenance Diet .

Chicken is probably the best protein that can generally be fed to dogs. It is highly biologically available and digested very efficiently by a dog's comparatively short gut leaving little waste. It is also high in the essential amino acids a dog needs. Chicken could be said to be a dog's 'natural' diet.
It is no coincidence that we use this protein in our products designed for sensitive digestive systems. Our new formula includes more chicken and the addition of a proportion of brown rice for extra digestive health. Our policy of continuous improvement has caused us to 'tweak the recipes we have devised.
As usual the dog benefits from the joint support package in the diet .
The dog also enjoys good digestive health from the inclusion of prebiotics and probiotics. The inclusion of these ensures more complete digestion and a smaller stool volume. Good gut health means a generally healthier, happier dog, better behaviour and better temper.  
The diet is produced in a small to medium sized kibble which can be managed by all adult dogs including miniature breeds such as Papillon, Pomeranian or Chihuahua.
When you start to feed Just diets, you will quickly see an improvement in the dog's digestion and condition compared to most other diets. The breath will be fresher, moulting reduced, stool volume reduced and a general improvement may be noticed in the dog's demeanour ( if previously fed on diet with additives such as tartrazine, sunset yellow etc.).
Your dog will find the diet extremely palatable, it is coated in chicken liver to ensure that he or she really enjoys their mealtime.
Suitable for dogs intolerant to maize or corn. Wheat, oat, corn and wheat gluten free.
Wot - no seconds???
Chicken meat/meat meal 28%, White Rice 26%, brown Rice, beet pulp, whole linseed, brewers yeast, refined chicken oil, salmon oil, vitamins and minerals, seaweed, chicken Stock, glucosamine (170mg/kg), chondroitin sulphate (120mg/kg),     MSM.(170 mg/kg)
Protein 21.5%, oil 10%, fibre 3.0%, ash 7%, Vitamin A 18000 IU/Kg, Vitamin D3 1200 IU/Kg,
Vitamin E (as alpha tocopherol) 135 IU/Kg, Copper (as cupric sulphate) 40 mg/kg.

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