Environmental Issues

At Just Pet Nutrition we take care to be aware of the impact we have on the environment. We have tried and will continue to try and minimise this impact wherever we can.
We have taken the following positive steps towards this policy.
We power our delivery vehicles with LPG. This is a cleaner fuel than diesel and emits less particulate pollution.
We maintain our vehicles in tip top order so that CO2 and other pollution is minimised.
We try to conduct our vehicle activity on the most efficient routes possible, giving due regard to our customers' needs.
Our heating is from renewable resources.
Our lighting is from low energy LED lamps.
We encourage customers to think about the environment when ordering and order appropriate quantities accordingly. This saves energy and reduces pollution.
We avoid moving small, part pallets around the country, full pallets are more efficient.
We try to use more energy efficient heating and lighting wherever possibilities are identified.
Our products have, on average, less food miles than the big brand products which are sold through wholesalers and handled up to seven times before final sale.
All our 15kg bags are fully compostable. They contain NO plastic and will disappear in your compost bin or landfill in about three weeks. Just products were first pet food in UK with this feature. There are still only two 'brands' with this feature
Green & Pleasant Land for Man & Dog
We have eliminated outer plastic sacks on all our courier deliveries. We now use custom made triwall recyclable cardboard boxes or woven polypropylene. This is slightly more expensive than plastic sacks but in environmental terms it is worth it. Plastic takes hundreds of years to degrade. Cardboard is recyclable.
We have dispensed with national deliveries from our depot. These are now undertaken direct form the point of manufacture. This has reduced the miles on each delivery by approximately 200.
Our product is handled only once between factory and our depot. This means lower food miles and less pollution from lorries. Extra handling adds no value to the product but it introduces extra cost which the end buyer (the customer) has to pay for.
We have calculated that some products are handled up to seven times before they reach the customer. Each time this happens, cost is added without any extra value.
Our manufacturer has a written and published environmental policy and has the lowest impact on the environment of any of the leading British manufacturers of premium dog diets. That is one of the main reasons why we chose them to produce Just diets. This policy is available for inspection if needed.
Organic - We don't do organic. This is not because we are against ti. We applaud the principles. We cannot source quality ingredients on a consistent basis for our products at a price and quality that is both reasonable and sustainable. We see little or no difference between 'organic' and our current policy of reducing environmental impact whilst maintaining quality. Quality is the key for us, not 'organic' at any cost.
 Keep Britain Green and Great- buy British!

At last! - a super premium dog/cat food that doesn't cost the earth - that doesn't cost the earth!! 
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