Canine Growth & Development Food

Gestation and early months' nutrition are absolutely fundamental for good health and longevity in a dog. It cannot be stressed too strongly how important it is to feed an appropriate diet to both pregnant bitches (especially in the last trimester of gestation) and growing, developing pups and juveniles.
Just Growth & Development diet is formulated using 43% chicken. It contains optimum levels of highly digestible protein, fat and carbohydrate.
It has high vitamin levels to boost the developing immune system.
The diet is produced in small kibbles so that small pups can take it and enjoy it from weaning onwards.
This product may be made into a porridge using either a little warm water or puppy formula milk such as Johnson's Multi-milk Gold.** We recommend that puppies be weaned using this mixture.
As in all Just products, this diet produces a small stool volume, important when you are cleaning up after several youngsters.
We recommend this diet for all puppies at weaning, small breed puppies to adulthood (probably 7 to 8 months depending on breed) and larger breeds to 5 to 6 months depending on breed and size. Larger breeds from about six months to full development should be fed on Just Ultimate Chicken.
** Available from good pet stores, we think it is the best product available for this purpose.
small kibble for easy eating by small mouths
Chicken meat /meat meal 43%, Whole rice 26%, maize, oats, peas, egg, fish meal, refined chicken oil, yeast, beet pulp, whole linseed, salmon oil, minerals, vitamins, yucca extract.
Four compelling reasons to feed Just products
Protein 26% Oil 18% Fibre 3% Ash 3% Vitamin A 18000 IU/Kg Vitamin D3 1250 IU/Kg Vitamin E (as alpha tocopherol) 130 IU/Kg Copper (as cupric sulphate) 20mg/Kg
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