Welcome to the Just Pet Nutrition Website
Lots of visitors to our site will already know us well as a national supplier of the highest quality CAT and DOG diets direct to your home address.

We welcome you to and hope you enjoy our website.

If you study the product information and wish to get in touch with us about  any question you may have, we would be delighted.

We are a small company based in North Wiltshire. Our sole activity is to distribute our own unique fixed formulae of Super Premium Dog and Cat Diets nationwide (and beyond!) We send any quantity to any address.

We have been distributing various Canine and Feline Diets for fourteen years and our own formulae for over eight years.

Our mission is to ensure that we supply ONLY the best possible quality and the most appropriate diet for your cat or dog at a reasonable price.

We absolutely refuse to include unnecessary ingredients or additives in our products. Only those ingredients  necessary for the animal's nutrition or  for sound veterinary reasons are included.

The current fashion in pet foods is to use words such as 'natural food' and/or 'hypoallergenic'. Another 'in' word is 'holistic'.

 OK - so are Just... products. These are only  fashionable 'buzzwords'. What matters is what is or is not in the food, in what proportions together with the quality, digestibility and palatability in relation to the individual dog or cat that eats it.

We have even seen one product described as having 'hand picked ingredients'. That is an outrageous claim and clearly untrue. We are forced to ask how it can be possible to 'hand pick' three tonnes or more of ingredients for any factory made product? (that particular claim is now no longer made from 2012!!)

Please take a few minutes to study our products, ethics, ingredients, analyses and prices and you will see that we are substantially lower in price than other comparable products. We try not to use 'kidology' - our salmon is 'salmon' not - 'scottish salmon sourced in the highlands'. We try not to use such twaddle, it insults the readers' intelligence.(By the way, our salmon is farmed in Scotland too.)

If you look carefully you will probably also find that our products will have a higher specification than their nearest comparators. For example, Just diets are the only BRITISH MADE product which includes joint support and live probiotics. We believe that no other BRITISH MADE diets have a higher specification.

Proudly made in Britain

Beware! - there are many products which at first glance seem similar or have the wording on the label manipulated to carefully lead you in the direction of a  misinformed impression. Read these carefully- the deception is both subtle and, amazingly, perfectly legal. We will be completely open about our ingredients used or not used. Any aspect of our labelling may be discussed openly with us.

At Just Pet Nutrition we do not print lots of colourful and expensive 'verbage' on the bag. We tell you what is in the food, the name of the food, an analysis and the feeding guide.

Our bags are fully compostable and contain NO PLASTIC.- We look after the environment too!

We don't and won't use GM ingredients. This technology is not yet proven to be safe.

Our product range was started in 2005 in response to customers' needs for quality dog and cat nutrition  without the unjustified price tag associated with big brand products.

 Welsh Terrier - Coco, fifteen months old.
Since then we have introduced a range of diets to suit almost any cat or dog. All these are super premium quality and sold at substantially lower prices than other top brands.
If you look around, you will see that some Super Premium brands are now well over £60 for a 15kg bag. Some have even reduced the size of the bag to 14kg or 12.5 kg in an effort to make their prices appear lower. Don't be fooled by fancy packaging! Look at the daily cost for your own dog.
Just products are priced at £45 or £48 for a FULL 15 kg. bag. This is substantially lower than others of similar quality. But because the feeding quantities are lower, Just is the best price of the lot - bar none!!
All of our canine adult maintenance products have restricted levels of protein and fat. It is the trend today for our pet dogs to have less exercise than in earlier years and the diets we offer them should reflect this lifestyle. Protein levels of  19% to 20% and oil/fat levels of around 9% to 10% are normally ideal for today's dogs.
It is important though to measure the dog's daily allowance reasonably accurately as it is all too easy to overfeed by using a casual approach to portion measurement. In a 10kg dog, only 10gms per day extra is a 10% overfeed and will affect the weight of the animal.
Just diets are NOT available in the shops.
Just canine and feline products are only available direct from Just Pet Nutrition Ltd. This keeps the price down and ensures you receive the best advice and service with the product. 
Deliveries local to our base in North Wiltshire are free using our own alternative fuel vehicles. These are powered by LPG and have much cleaner emissions than diesel or petrol vans.
Orders to go beyond a local 20 mile radius are assessed and sent by the most economic method.
This may be by our own transport or by carrier. The choice is dictated by customers' needs, green issues and economics. Each order receives individual consideration.
The standard charge for one parcel up to 25kg is £5, sent by courier to all mainland addresses except the Scottish Highlands and off-islands. Orders for 2 or more bags (over 25kg in total) are delivered free to all national addresses (certain remote postcodes carry a small surcharge).
Larger consignments are individually assessed and may be palletised.
We are able to supply any quantity of any of our product including mixed pallets from 7.5kg up to one tonne pallets or multiples thereof. Please call for details.
Some customers call and collect, this is always an option if you are passing near to us. Again, please contact us and we can arrange it and put the kettle on.
We can also arrange contract prices for high volume or multiple location customers such as patrol dogs, kennels etc.
Just... security and patrol dog diets ensure the peak of performance with fewer veterinary issues, keeping cost down and efficiency high.