All our products are formulated to promote and maintain good health in Dogs & Cats. The basis for inclusion of an ingredient is that it must be necessary only for sound nutritional or justified veterinary reasons.
Below is a list of some of the ingredients we use and the reason for their inclusion and some brief comments.
The list is not exhaustive but will give an idea of how we work towards our nutritional goals and the principles we maintain.
Please refer to the individual product for a full list of ingredients used.
We ask that you also read the next page about what we do NOT include in our formulae. This is just as important as the included ingredients.
We are happy to answer any enquiries about our products you may have.

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Chicken. This is a very  digestible protein. It is highly biologically available to the animal and therefore very suitable for inclusion as a protein source in dog and cat food, especially for those with sensitive tummies.  Good quality chicken protein is high in various essential amino acids both dogs and cats require in their diet. All chicken for Just diets is produced in Britain using humane methods. We do not use battery chicken. Although some bone is used in chicken meal, this is necessary to achieve nutritional balance by providing calcium in natural format. We do not use chicken by-product or guts, feathers, heads etc. We also use a proportion of fresh chicken meat in our chicken diets. All of our chicken is birds taken from the human food chain. No 'chicken by products' are used. We do not use mechanically recovered meat products.
We don't use battery Chicken

Turkey. Another highly digestible form of protein, this ingredient is suitable for those few dogs who may have a chicken protein intolerance. It is a very good ingredient for adult maintenance diets. Our turkeys are barn reared in Britain using humane methods. No battery birds are used in our food.

Lamb -  Digestible animal protein which is used in Just skin and coat formula. Produced in Britain from grass fed happy lambs. Great in adult maintenance diets for dogs unable to tolerate poultry meat.

Salmon - We use fresh salmon meat from Scotland - yes, it is farmed (let's not be too silly!) NO it is not 'from the highlands ' - it is ethically farmed in sea lochs without the use of routine hormone treatment or routine antibiotics. Wild salmon would be prohibitively expensive and impossible to source on a reliable basis. It is the same salmon that would be typically available in your supermarket dried and milled prior to use.

Fish - this is caught using sustainable methods and is fished in British waters. Our oily fish is mackerel and herring. This form of protein is excellent for dogs with unidentified food intolerance. Anecdotally, it also appears to be an excellent ingredient for senior dogs.

White fish - this ingredient is becoming more and more expensive. It is sourced from the UK and abroad for this reason. Local legislation in EU and other countries is addressing the subject of sustaiability but we are continually trying to reduce the planetary impact of this activity.

White Rice - Nature's perfect complex carbohydrate. A great way to give a dog or cat the short term energy it needs.

Brown Rice - Uses the fibre and kernel of the seed, gives better digestion and greater digestive motility.
Rice - Nature's perfect complex carbohydrate.

Potato - an alternative form of carbohydrate to rice. Suitable for dogs with unidentified food intolerance(s). An excellent ingredient as part of any exclusion diet. Highly digestible.

Yucca extract - Helps to surpress ammonia production so reducing odours in stools, breath and body. (and any flatulence.) Reduces Lawn Burn from strong urine. A natural product.

Fish oil/salmon oil - A great source of omega(s), energy and all round health.

Chicken oil - when refined, this is probably the best quality oil one could use in a dog or cat food. It provides long term energy and essential fat soluble amino acids in the diet. When it is refined as it is in Just... products, it is much less likely to cause symptoms of food intolerance.

Taurine - An amino acid essential in cats and beneficial in dogs. Helps to ward off eyesight degeneration in older cats. It is a good heart regulator in both cats and dogs.

Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulphate , MSM - three ingredients which have a beneficial effect on joints. They are included in all adult formulae of Just foods. This joint package helps with synovial fluid production in joints, assists in cartilage replacement and the MSM is a form of sulphur which targets inflammation in joints. This package is included as a  meaningful amount, not just a token inclusion like some brands available. We do not use fish glucosamine for sustainability reasons.
N.B.We recommend an extra supplement of these ingredients for very senior or arthritic dogs. Johnson's 4Joints is a liquid form which is absorbed by the dogs' gut quicker and more effectively than either tablets or dry granules. Don't bother with the treats, they are a waste of money!!!

Prebiotics. - These are natural products which help to create gut conditions which encourage the reproduction of beneficial bacteria. Also helps to suppress inappropriate bacteria in the gut. Sometimes known as MOS & FOS. (manan-oligo-saccarides & fructo-oligo-saccharides). These are derivatives of chicory and grape skins and  perfectly natural but very beneficial substances.

Probiotics. A live culture of beneficial gut bacteria built into the food. Every mouthful taken by the animal literally 'seeds' the gut with a shot of beneficial bacteria. This eliminates almost all the tummy upsets and odd 'sickies' that occur from time to time. Also encourages more complete digestion so reducing stool volume and therefore feeding amounts. It also shortens the changeover time to Just formulae from the old diet. This is a licensed ingredient imported from Sweden and, so far as we know, is not available in any other British Dog Diet.
Organic Ingredients. Whilst 'organic' is undoubtedly popular and possibly in terms of 'natural credentials', it may very well be superior to non-organic, the plain facts of the matter are that it is not possible to source the quantities we would need to make a truly organic food on a reliably consistent basis with acceptable quality ingredients. We prefer that our supplies are  consistent and of high quality rather than 'organic' and of lesser quality..
We ensure that all of our protein is from well kept, happy animals. 'Organic' has been tried by several manufacturers and the resultant food has failed to be of consistent good quality or has failed to be commercially viable. At some point along the way, the 'organic' principals will be compromised due to quality or availability. The price would be unacceptable for true quality 'organic' food.
This does not mean we are against organic in principle. It means we are for good quality without compromise. We also are passionately against unnecessary additives and chemicals used for economic or marketing reasons.
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