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posted 23 Oct 2013, 06:03 by
CAT CHICKEN ADULT REFORMULATED!! - a recent evaluation of our super premium adult cat formula showed that we could improve the palatability of the product. We've done this and repackaged it to match the new salmon variety. The price has been slightly reduced to match and both varieties are now priced at £25 for a 7.5 kg bag. - that is 17 pence per day per cat. It is now better tasting and better value.
Compare this with the cost of the 'big boys' products and a shock awaits!! Some cost as much as 60 pence per day to feed. That's a potential saving of nearly £160 per year per cat!! (or a free TV licence if you like).

The difference could be justified if the quality of our product was inferior but it is Just as good. Make no mistake, your cat will thrive on this diet.