Ingredients not included

Just Pet Nutrition Ltd. is committed to providing the very best nutritional products for your dog or cat at a reasonable price and with the highest quality ingredients we can reliably find.

More importantly, we do not use any ingredient which is not beneficial or necessary for the animal's nutrition or health.

Therefore our recipes contain;-

X   NO Beef

X   NO Wheat

X   NO Dairy Products

  NO Genetically Modified ingredients

X   NO Soya or Soya by-products*

X   NO Colourings

X   NO Artificial flavourings

  NO Chemical Preservatives

X   NO mixed 'meat and animal derivatives'

X   NO 'Derivatives of vegetable origin'

X   NO Unspecific 'oils & fats'
*with the exception of feline dental specific which uses a small amount of soya oil.

Dinner's ready!

By avoiding these substances which are quite common in other dog and cat foods, the animal does not overload its 'waste disposal system' and this results in better digestion, less moult, better health and, usually, lower feeding costs.

These ingredients have a well deserved and documented poor reputation for causing adverse symptoms in both dogs and cats.
These symptoms include:-

Excessive itching and scratching.

Bad breath.

Excessive moulting outside the accepted season

Smelly, doggy odour from body

Smelly, dirty ears.

Anal glands regularly overfull 



Unexplained diarrhoeic episodes/vomiting.

Joint stiffness/lack of mobility.

If fed unchecked, these ingredients can cause any or all of these symptoms, given time. None of the symptoms appear instantly but, as time passes, the inapproriate ingredients will 'catch up' with the animal and gradually contribute to ill health and a shortened lifespan.
By changing to a Just diet, these symptoms will gradually reduce and probably disappear completely. Improvements have been noted by customers in as short a time as a week although we make no such claim as this. Each dog or cat is an individual and will display different rates of improvement over different periods of time.

Typical costs for a 10 kg dog would be 28 pence per day. A 20kg dog would cost about 55 pence per day, a 30 kg dog about 90 pence per day. These costs are necessarily approximate as each dog is an individual, just like we are  and their needs vary with lifestyle, age and the season of the year.

Our customers almost universally report improvements in their dogs' and cats' condition. Why not give it a try for a month. You will be surprised at the difference!!


Please call us to discuss your individual requirements and to order a sample pack.
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