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The Just range of diets includes a product which will suit almost any dog or cat. In this website we have given each individual product a dedicated page so that you may see the relevant details clearly and comprehensively.
This page is a quick general summary of the range and gives a short and general comment on each of our different products together with the current prices. Please go to each individual product page for more detailed information.
The Just Canine Range 
Growth & Development Food for Puppies.
Based on Chicken & Rice, this diet is for puppies from weaning to six months old. It is made with a 43% chicken content. It is highly digestible and produces a small, manageable stool which is what you need especially when house training your puppy. Extremely palatable, it is formed into a small round kibble for tiny mouths to manage. Contains a probiotic to prevent tummy upsets.
7.5kg sack - £28 15kg sack -£48.00 

Just Ultimate Chicken.
Formulated for working and agility dogs or larger puppies/juniors, this diet has an enhanced vitamin/mineral package, added L Carnitine for lean muscle and a higher nutritional value than ordinary maintenance food. It comprehensively supports the higher activity levels of working and activity in these dogs. It has been a real winner since its launch in 2008.
15kg sack - £48.00  (Not available in smaller sacks.)
Just Chicken Adult Maintenance Diet (Large or Smaller kibble
A chicken & rice maintenance diet which is especially beneficial for dogs prone to digestive upsets. It is 93% digestible and produces an exceptionally small stool volume. It is available in two sizes of kibble, medium for small and medium dogs and large for large breeds or dogs which are 'gobblers' of their food. They have to slow down to chew the larger kibble.
7.5kg sack  - £28 - 15kg sack £45 
Just Turkey and Rice Diet.
A standard nutritional value diet for dogs with no particular veterinary or health issues. Turkey is good value,  highly digestible protein and very suitable for dogs. This diet is produced in medium sized triangular kibbles.
7.5kg sack - £28 - 15kg sack - £45
Smells good to me!!
Just Salmon & Rice Diet
This product is a great alternative to a meat based diet. It is particularly suitable for dogs with issues surrounding struvite uroliths and urinary tract health. Fresh salmon is used in this diet, not salmon meal. It is produed in a triangular medium sized kibble.
7.5kg sack - £28  15kg sack - £48 
Lamb & Rice Diet.
Fresh lamb and rice are extremely palatable. This diet has extra linoleic acid included. This addition is particularly beneficial for those dogs with skin & coat issues. The kibble is the size and shape of a large pea.
7.5kg sack - £28 15kg sack - £45
Oily Fish & Potato Diet
Originally formulated as an alternative to meat for sensitive dogs, this product has anecdotally proved to be very appropriate for senior dogs. It has the usual joint support package and with the oily fish as a protein source, it is excellent for the older dog as it is more easily digested.
7.5kg sack - £28 - 15kg sack - £48
Just Grain Free Duck and Sweet Potato Diet
New for 2014 this diet is a high meat content, grain free super-diet at a price which doesn't make your eyes water. It is designed to mimic the higher protein/lower carb natural balance of a dogs original dietary regime. Using a very narrow ingredient profile, it would also be suitable for addressing certain food and dietary intolerance in some dogs. It naturally also includes the Just joint support package, our usual MOS and FOS plus a live PROBIOTIC culture, a unique addition in the UK. There is NO OTHER FOOD LIKE THIS, it is TRULY UNIQUE!!
Target price on release £55 for a full 15kg sack. Release expected late April 2014
The Just Feline Range of Diets Includes
Feline Adult Maintenance - chicken
This product is made from fresh chicken and rice. It is a high quality diet suitable for all adult cats including seniors. It is a remarkably low price for a top quality, very palatable diet. The cost works out at 17 pence per cat per day.
7.5kg sack - £28 -  15kg sack - £48

Feline Adult Maintenance - Salmon
We saw a requirement for an alternative protein source in the cat range. This is it, fresh salmon. We have made it in a smaller nugget than the chicken for those felines which prefer this. It is well priced and highly palatable.

7.5kg sack - £28 - 15kg - £48

Purr-fectly balanced food

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