At Just Pet Nutrition we have quality manufactured in to our products, not just inspected in.

A strict system of ingredient and batch identification ensure total conformity of the product and full traceability of all ingredients.
All raw material is checked for compliance before acceptance and manufacture. All finished product is also certified for conformity prior to despatch.
Absolute conformity to recipe is assured
A strict regime of variance reporting ensures that quality is a real component, not just given lip service and inspected in 'by chance'.
Our products are manufactured in small batches so that they do not sit on a warehouse shelf for ages prior to despatch. That way the Dog or Cat enjoys the diet at its peak of palatability, not jaded by lengthy storage, and with vitamins beginning to decline.
Our manufacturing process is under strict and accurate computer control to ensure total consistency of product and packaging.

Any variances are reported and acted upon in real time, not just noted and 'put right in time'. It is by these methods that the product confidence can be total.
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